What to Bring

Families are encouraged to be ready for lots of new information and time to gain exposure to campus resources. Make sure you bring:

1. Questions
During Family Orientation, we are excited to share with you all the university’s amazing opportunities. Feel free to bring any and all questions you may have regarding your student’s Mason experience.

2. Comfortable Clothing
Orientation requires some time both inside and outside. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes for your visit. As a guest, there is a walking campus tour in your schedule.

3. Immunization Records/Admissions Documents/Financial Aid Forms
We recommend you bring any documentation from Admissions or Financial Aid. If applicable, you may choose to bring unofficial transcripts from your student’s previous institution showing AP/IB scores. We also encourage students who have completed immunization forms to bring them to campus. The Immunizations Office is inside the Student Health Services in Student Union Building I, Room 2300. The deadline is the first day of class (August for the fall semester and January for the spring semester). Failure to turn in Immunization Records before the deadline will result in hold being placed on your student’s record and an inability to register for the next semester’s classes. Immunization forms can be found here.

4. Parking Pass for Orientation
The Orientation parking pass allows you to park in the designated parking lot for free. This pass is specific to your Orientation date so please be sure to download the correct pass to avoid any parking issues. Click and download the pass below that your Orientation date will be on and place on your driver-side dashboard on your Orientation day.

Download Orientation Parking Pass