International Student Checklist

The International Student Orientation Program is designed to welcome and transition new undergraduate international students to the institution and expose new students to the broad educational opportunities of George Mason University. We are excited to host F-1 freshman and transfer undergraduates, INTO Mason, China 1-2-1 and J-1 non-degree exchange students from all over the world! Orientation promotes student development, academic acclimation and preparation, school spirit, and accountability among George Mason students.

The program and staff encourage students to learn and understand their own relationship to the intellectual, social, and cultural climate of Mason. The International Student Orientation is offered in January for students enrolling in the spring semester. If you are in the U.S. during the summer, you can register for an earlier orientation date. All students must attend an Orientation session before the start of classes.

Based on your program and student type, select the button below for a checklist of the next steps.