Quill Camp


*Registration is closed for Summer 2019*

Quill Camp / July 23rd – 27th, 2019

Welcome to the Patriot family! We know the transition to college can seem daunting, and we’re here to help! Quill Camp is an extended orientation program that helps you as an incoming freshman to explore opportunities at Mason and the surrounding community based on your individual interests. At Quill Camp, you will:

  • Build friendships with people who have similar interests
  • Learn about yourself and how you can make the most of you time at Mason
  • Connect with faculty/staff and community members who will help you help you understand how to make your college goals a reality
  • Receive an immersive introduction to both Mason and the variety of experiences that the Fairfax and greater DC area offer
Available camps for summer 2019 are Quill Camp: Vision and Quill Camp: Republic. Find more details about them below or visit Quill Camp FAQs

Price / $150.00

The registration price for Quill Camp is $150.00 and will be due at the time of registration. Registration includes: 

  • All food and transportation costs within the camp
  • All programs and activities 
  • Housing during the dates of Quill Camp
  • Quill Camp T-Shirt and swag

We are committed to making Quill Camp accessible to all students who wish to take advantage of this opportunity and have worked to keep the price of this program low. If cost is an obstacle, limited scholarships are available for those in need of financial assistance through the generous support of the George Mason University Parents Fund. 

Quill Camp: Republic

Republic is open to two groups of about 20 students each and brings incoming students together around the topics of government and politics. In the heart of the nation’s government and political center, you will gain insight into various levels of government and how you can participate as an active citizen during your time at Mason. 

  • Meet and learn from government and political leaders
  • Explore our nation’s various public institutions
  • Find your place in the important work happening here


Quill Camp: Vision

Vision is available to two cohorts of about 20 incoming freshman students each. Quill Camp: Vision allows you to engage with your new home through the lens of leadership and service. In an area filled with world-class leaders and a fire to enact change, you can begin to find your place at Mason and in the Fairfax/DC community. 

  • Develop your own leadership identity
  • Engage on-site with local service organizations
  • Learn from leaders championing critical causes


NOTE: Camps have limited capacities and spots are available on a first come, first served basis. Once full, registration for that camp will be closed and you will be able to join the waitlist. We encourage you to register early!

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Along with Quill Camp, Project Peak is a great way to start your transition experience and get connected to the Patriot community! Project Peak is a five-day, four-night outdoor excursion offered to first-year students of all experience levels. Enjoy the outdoors, have fun, and meet Mason students and staff on this one-of-a-kind adventure.

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