Patriot Leader Job Description

A “Patriot Leader” is what Mason calls our Orientation Leaders, or the students that help facilitate in new student transition. The Patriot Leader position is highly visible in the Mason community and represents NSFP through its various programs throughout the calendar year such as new student orientation, family, and new student welcome programs and initiatives.

The Patriot Leader serves as a role model to new students by leading and facilitating their transition into Mason by assisting in the execution of programs associated with our office.

They serve as a peer, resource, and guide by answering questions from new students and their family members and providing their own personal and professional experiences through various online, virtual, and campus programs and initiatives. 


  • Must be available for ALL New Student and Family Programs Patriot Leader and student leader summer training sessions and other required dates 
  • Must be a currently enrolled Mason student.  
  • Must have a sincere desire to help new students and families with their transition into the Mason community  
  • Must have an ability to connect, celebrate, and communicate with people from varying cultures, identities, and backgrounds  
  • Must have established a 2.5 cumulative GPA or better and maintain GPA throughout time within position 
  • Must be in good academic and disciplinary standing. 
  • Demonstrate a desire to learn about specific policies, procedures, and people associated with George Mason University 
  • Must complete 2023 Patriot Leader Spring Training.

Roles and Responsibilities:  

  • Serve as a positive role model and representative of NSFP and George Mason University  
  • Contribute to all NSFP programmatic functions surrounding new student orientation programming, family programming, and new student programming
  • Adhering to all required and recommended health and safety guidelines related to George Mason University COVID-19 protocols in relation to the Mason community and our programs listed above (subject to change based on George Mason University’s COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions) 
  • Demonstrate knowledge and proficiency of technologies required for virtual orientation and other programs including but not limited to Zoom Meetings, MS Teams, Mason360, Blackboard, Blackboard Collaborate, and MasonLive Email 
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills supplementing new student orientation needs, other programmatic and campus needs, and ongoing communication to incoming students during and after these programs 
  • Recall, synthesize, and communicate key academic and advising policies to students and families related to assigned college 
  • Recall, synthesize, and communicate key policies and related information to students and families related to varying campus partners 
  • Lead, facilitate, and debrief various discussions and interactions on various topics at orientation including but not limited to the new student experience, academics at Mason, diversity and inclusion, and campus involvement. 
  • Assist academic staff and faculty in providing an efficient and personalized method of course selection, registration, academic advising and student development program for new students throughout new student orientation. 
  • Serve as a role model for new students by displaying the responsibility and maturity appropriate of a student leader and a member of the Mason community. 
  • Participate in periodic written and oral performance evaluations with various supervising staff.  
  • Maintain healthy and ongoing communication with supervisors, peers, and other staff.
  • Other roles and duties as assigned. 


For additional information, please contact Michelle Healey at

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