Mason Online Student Orientation

Welcome to George Mason University
! We know there are many ways that students can complete their college degrees, and we are pleased that you have chosen to continue your journey with Mason.The Mason Online Orientation process is designed to help transition new mason online (MOL) students to the institution and expose them to the broad educational opportunities at George Mason University.   

Note: Not to be confused with our Virtual Orientation program, built and retained for campus-based students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This information are for our traditional distance learners.

All specific information surrounding the Orientation experience, gaining access to systems, and instructions on how to navigate those systems are reflected here and will be sent to students directly via e-mail upon registering in the Orientation portal.

General MOL Orientation Information

Mason Online Orientation is only available to students enrolled in online degree programs.

Because you are a MOL student, a special Orientation platform has been curated for you via Blackboard, Mason’s online course management tool, to assist in your transition. The course will appear in Blackboard like your other courses will and it will stay in your Course List to reference at any time during your Mason experience.

This online orientation is designed specifically for distance learners to provide you with all the information you need to start your Mason experience. Participating in the MOL Orientation Blackboard course will set you up for success as you begin your studies and will give you a good preview of online learning at Mason.

Upon successful completion of your orientation, you will be able to do the following:

  • Identify your degree components
  • Connect with your advisor
  • Become familiar with the Blackboard learning environment
  • Learn about University policies, resources, and life as a Mason student
  • Participate in online discussions
Registering for MOL Orientation

Three to five business days after you have paid your enrollment deposit to Admissions, you will be able to register for orientation. You can find your customized registration link in your Admissions Portal or in your email (check the email that you used for your admissions application).

Because you are coded MOL in our systems, only the MOL Orientation option will populate.

Although you will see a “session date” when registering in the portal, your Orientation is completed in an asynchronous manner (on your own time) but is DUE by the date on the session you select. For example, if you select “Mason Online Orientation August 25” – it means all your modules as well as an advising meeting should be completed by August 25 to be able to continue as a student for that semester (August being the Fall Semester; January being the Spring semester).  

Accessing Your MOL Orientation

Upon registering, you will receive access to complete your Mason Online Orientation based on the semester you will be starting courses at Mason: December  1st if you are beginning in the Spring semester & May 1st if you are beginning in the fall semester.

You will receive a confirmation email with your registration informing you of next steps. You will receive access to the MOL Blackboard Course 24-48 hours after registering.

To access your course, go to and log-in with your NetID and password (Patriot Pass). Select “Course List” in the menu, and navigate to the Mason Online Orientation course listed.

Completing Your MOL Orientation

Once in the MOL Orientation Blackboard course, you will be asked to complete several Orientation modules. The course navigation menu will walk you through the course modules in the order they should be accessed. Be sure to review all content within each module:

  1. Mason Online 
  2. Essential First Steps
  3. College 101
  4. University Resources
  5. University Policies
  6. Life at Mason
  7. Next Steps

As you review the learning modules in this orientation course, you will need to take several quizzes and answer all the questions correctly in order to earn your Certificate of Completion.

Upon completion of the modules, click the “Certificate of Completion” link on your course menu. Once you have earned your certificate, you will be able to schedule an appointment with your advisor based on the instructions provided.

Students should expect it will take you approximately 4-6 hours to explore all the resources in this course and to earn your certificate of completion. You can choose to complete the online orientation at one time or you may come in and out of the Blackboard course as many times as you would like until you earn your Certificate of Completion.

Students can contact a course facilitator by emailing with any questions.

Need Assistance?

Contact New Student and Family Programs by e-mailing or calling 703-993-2475.