Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being a Patriot Leader?
Patriot Leaders have access to networking opportunities all around campus with several organizations and colleges. Along with meeting many of the campus faculty and staff members, Patriot Leaders go through both spring and summer training to help improve leadership skills and public and interpersonal speaking skills. Along with these professional benefits, the job incorporates and encourages students’ creativity while in a workplace setting. Over the course of spring and summer, they develop both personal and professional relationships that foster team cooperation and success.

Is there any compensation? Or is this a volunteer position?
This position is not a volunteer position. We do provide a stipend along with a few extra benefits throughout the experience.

Why do we apply for the Patriot Leader position so early?
As we have seen the number of candidates steadily increase over the past few years, we want to be sure that we are giving adequate time to each person’s application. Given that we estimate nearly 100 students will apply for only 40 positions and that we start the Spring training in the following spring semester, we want to be sure that we can conduct interviews as soon as we are able in the fall.

When do Patriot Leaders receive training?
The Patriot Leader position will receive training which includes: Spring Training, Summer Training (end of May-June), and supplemental content to complete online.

Are there any requirements to become a Patriot Leader?
You must have, and maintain, a 2.5 cumulative GPA or better as well as be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University. You will also be required to attend and complete the spring training and the summer training (two weeks in late May through early June).

Where do I find the application or application timeline?
The application can be found on Handshake (Patriot Leader 2022 Handshake Application) and our website ( The selection timeline can be found on the main page.

What is the application process like to become a Patriot Leader?
The first step is filling out the application! After the application officially closes at the end of October, NSFP staff will review applications, and you will be notified via email regarding the interview process. Once those have concluded, final decision letters will be sent at the end of November with position offers.

How does this position work because of COVID-19?
As our office follows and mandates all university guidelines surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we work to adjust the training schedule and job responsibilities for the Patriot Leaders. Due to the ever-changing nature of the university, all current job responsibilities, compensation, and other duties are subject to change.

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